Владимир Дыдыкин / Vladimir Dydykin

Оператор, Россия, Москва

"Vera's jump" | Short Film

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"Vera's jump" | Short Film
Drama, melodrama

Vera decides to jump with a parachute. On the plane, a girl paralyzed with fear changes her mind about jumping and confesses her love to the instructor. However, instead of support, she sees only humiliation from Ilya. Offended, Vera pushes him away and jumps out of the plane in the no-jump zone.

Dir: Anna Miftahov
Prod: Mihail Kalinin, Alina Renzhina
DOP: Vladimir Dydykin
PD: Svetlana Klimova, Maria Azovkina
Colorist: Ivan Dorogavtsev