Nastia Korkia / Настя Коркия

Режиссер, Россия, Москва

дождь / Сила Слова

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Мои работы, 2014

рекламные ролики социальная реклама

Cоциальный ролик в поддержку телеканала Дождь "Сила Слова".
Действие происходит в обычном московском троллейбусе.

Слоган кампании:
Слова обладают удивительной силой
Когда они свободны

Words are powerful
when they have freedom

short film to raise awareness about the fact that one of the biggest Russian independent TV channels is being shut down. It is a reminder of the importance of words, and of the beauty of words when they are set free.

The action of the film takes place in a simple Moscow trolleybus. We wanted to show how people were capable of changing dramatically during the three minutes of the film, as they listened to poetry of great Russian poets.