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/// ABOUT ///
A short documentary collaboration with Vogue magazine.

Husky is a famous Russian hip-hop artist from the city of Ulan-Ude.
In 2018, he took part in a performance - he “hung” himself on the balcony
of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, and was arrested by the police as a result.
Several days prior to that, he released a video online in which he deletes
his new album “The Gospel of a dog”
Husky: “There are too many people looking at me. I want to again belong to myself.
Everything will be different from now on. Today I made a pivotal decision in my life.”
Later, an official funeral service was held, in which he lied in a coffin.
By the demand of the authorities, all his music videos were banned on the territory of Russia.
After yet another concert cancellation, he tried to rap one of his songs on the roof
of somebody’s car in front of the people who came to watch him perform.
He was arrested for 12 days, and later released.

Written and Directed by Lado Kvataniya

Director of photography | Andrey Krauzov
Executive producers | llya Stewart, Murad Osmann,
Ilya Dzhincharadze
Producers | Mikhail Novitskiy, Lado Kvataniya
illustration / Animation | Dmitry Maseykin
Edit/Titles | Vladislav Yakunin
Colorgrading | Artem Leonov
Sound design | Vladimir Elizarov
Animation assistants | Egor Keon, Andrey Potekhin
Photographer | Igor Klepnev
Production manager | Andrey Zauralov
1st AC | Aleksander Budarin
Camera assistants | Sergey Ivanov, Sergey Shkreba


Editor | Katya Shtokolova
Producer | Ekaterina Minnullina

Production assistant | Julia Zauzolkova
MUAH | Ekaterina Gorelova
Barber | Sergey Shkryabin
Stylist | Julia Varavkina

Gaffer | Pavel Bruh

Grip | Uriy Metalnikov
Sound | Yaroslav Valuzhenec
Graffiti | Сozek 731
Set dresser | Kseniya Shvatchenko
Location Hunters
Fund “NIKA” | Daniella Remizova, Mansur Bobogulov, Bobomutor Chorshanbiev
Administration | Daniil Simonov, Egor Borunov, Evgeniy Sotnik
Catering | Vitaliy Kartuesov
Special Thanks | Moon Spray/Sergey Sautin, DOGS, Alina Rossiyskaya

16mm / KODAK
HypeProduction /// RUSSIA, 2019