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NOIZE MC /// Honor the Elders

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Мои работы, 2019

The new release by Russian rapper Noize MC speaks about the contemporary poet, whose existence is surrounded by the whispers of others. It consists of his poems, various quotations by 20th century Russian authors and their archived audio samples. Therefore Osip Mandelstam, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Sergey Yesenin can be seen as co-authors in their own way. "Pochitay starshih" (Pay Respect to the Elder) is a manifesto which is intended to awaken the feelings of honor and to commerate a cultural and literary heritage, as well as encourage reading.

Osip Mandelstam
No, never have I ever been anybody's contemporary,
I wouldn't know what to do with such honor.
Oh, how repulsive to me is that mere namesake,
that one was not I, that one was another.

Vladimir Mayakovsky | But Could you?
Upon the scales of metal fishes
I read the new lips’ attitude.
But could you now perform a nocturne
Just playing on a drainpipe flute?

Sergey Esenin | Hooligan’s Confession
I like it when the stones of abuse
Are hurled at me, like hail from a belching thunderstorm,
I just grip all the tighter
With my hands — the shaken bubble of my hair.

Written and Directed by Lado Kvataniya
DOP | Andrey Krauzov
Producer | Andrey Samsonov
Executive producers | llya Stewart, Murad Osmann,
Ilya Dzhincharadze, Irina Kanevskaya
Assistant producer | Victoria Makarova
ZUKCLUB / Graffiti | Sergey Ovseykin, Nikita Parunin, Roman Kozlov
Illustration / Animation | Dmirty Maseykin
Animation | Pavel Nikiforov, Egor Keon, Andrey Potekhin, Anton Kornik
Production Designer -|Alexey Yandovskiy
Set Decorator | Sofia Yavelskaya
1 AD | Ekaterina Laposhina
2nd Unit DOP | Alexander Ponomarev
Production Managers | Dmitriy Dimchevskiy, Mikhail Goglov
Stylist | Boris Kukolkin
1st AC | Alexander Budarin
Camera Assistant | Sergey Ivanov
Location Manager | Vladimir Kravchenko
Postproduction Producer | Luise Levitina
Edit | Kirill Khandurin, Yan Getmanchenko, Vlad Yakunin
Color Correction | Timofey Goloborod’ko
SFX | Tim Aminov
Carboncore CQ Studio
TBQ CG Studio

16mm / KODAK
HypeProduction /// RUSSIA, 2019