Aydar Sharipov / Айдар Шарипов

Оператор, Россия, Москва

Drezden - David’s Deer

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A futuristic journey through parallel worlds. Is there a chance to return to the starting point?
Fictional reality, aliens and cartoon characters, as well as references to the Hollywood films of the 60/90-ies of XX century.
To work with robotic suits was invited by Robert DeVine, author of the costumes in the technology of animatronics. He worked on such projects as “Blade Runner”, “Total Recall”, “Robocop”, “Without a face”, “Armageddon”, “Star Trek”, “Mars attacks”, “The Terminator,” “Artificial intelligence”, etc.

Production: One Little Production
Director/Producer: Vladimir Nefedov
Director of photography: Aydar Sharipov
Starring Jon Sloan, Anna Makovchik, Pasha Sol, Casey Larios, Dima Suetin, Russel Coker, Maximus Flore
Staging dolls: Robert DeVine
Colorgrading: Yerlan Tanayev
CG: Danila Rybkin, Alex Struts
Animation: Ivan Gopienko
Editing: Egor Klimovich
Titles: Sergey Pestrak
Wardrobe and props: Oxana Sumenko, Inga Shevchenko
Make up: Viktoria Vlasenko
Service production: Lookadme
Producer: Zoya Shybkouskaya
AD/PA Yahor Shyp
PA Dima Suetin
Service production: 3.87
Producer: Egor Klimovich
PA Ivan Fomin
Light and camera:
1st AC: Dan Butovskiy
2nd AC: Anatoly Ivanov, Eugene Baiste
Gaffer: Ara Thomas
Key grip: Falk Mattern
Best boy: Raul Morales
Cathering: Catherine Spady