Beck Khamraev / Бек Хамраев

Оператор, Россия, Москва

Eristoff "Wolf is back"

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Advert for Launch of Eristoff Vodka in Russia.

Young director Awards Silver Prize
(Cannes Lions 2011)

Gold and silver in 2 categories (25 Kadr Festival, Moscow), and other awards

Advertising campaign started with a series of Virals about Wolves being spotted in and around Moscow: Wolves on a parking lot, A pack of Wolves on a highway, Wolves by the Kremlin.

(example of first viral)

These virals received over 5 million views, and were picked up by news as if they were real, and aired on the largest russian TV station, and than the news travelled the world - from ABC Today Show to Le Post, Bild, Daily Mail, etc.
Agency Campaign Case

Report about impact of campaign on Russia Today TV news