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Мои работы, 2019

клип закрой глаза музыкальное байкал лёд beauty fashion style film

We shot this music video on the frozen lake Baikal in Russia. Why did we go there? The budget was tiny and we had a chance to rent some lighting equipment in Moscow or to go somewhere having nothing. Ofcourse we chose to travel to Baikal and capture this extraordinary place in a very unique state when the lake is frozen and you are littarely standing on 1 meter of ice and there is a kilometer of water under you. Amazing feeling which is hard to describe. The weather was changing every 5 minutes, directing us to what has to be shot. It was a lot of of fun just to allow the nature lead you and we are very thankful to everything what we had experienced there. The song is in Russian, it is about love, passion, freedom. I hope that the language barrier will not affect the viewing.

Artists - Stas Belyaev and Teona Dolnikova.

Skaters - Tatiana Novik, Arseniy Repkin

Director/Writer/ Editor - Alexander Soloviev
DP - Alexander Efoshkin @dopenot
Aerial Photography - Anatoliy Arhipenko @copter38

Style\MU - Inna Planetnaya @inna_planetnaya
Colourgrading - Artyom Leonov
Sound - Artur Baydo

Drivers - Alexey Mihaylov, Eugeniy Babkov

Thank you to:
Ivan Oleynik
Alexander Ilkhovskiy
Maxim Sheglov
Anna Ruban