Саша Ромм/Sasha Romm

Оператор, Россия, Санкт-Петербург

Karina: The Mowgli girl

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In 2014, the story of a 4-year-old from distant Yakutia, shocked the whole world as she disappeared, along with her dog Naida. Without warm clothes and shoes, Karina wandered the impassable taiga with more than 70 volunteers conducting round-the-clock searches. But as 12 days passed, and the girl hasn’t been found, even the most experienced rescuers have lost hope. Only a miracle would allow finding a little child alive… and that’s exactly what happened.

directed by: Marianna Siegen
director of photography: Sasha Romm
written by: Maria Nakhodkina
run time: 95 min
genre: Thriller, Survival, True Story
production: Turkey, 2022, Yakutia 2020
language: Russian

One of the most amazing survival stories ever – little girl
rescued from Siberian woods after 12 days
Huge press coverage: Siberian Times, Mirror, Daily Mail, Huffington
Post, Sky News, Daily Star, Metro, Telegraph