Роман Пальченков / Roman Palchenkov

Оператор, Россия, Москва

SOLO Documentary 2021

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Докуметалистика, 2021

The documentary SOLO reveals six unique stories of individuals who use the art of dancing as their own tool in fighting back difficulties, dealing with pain, incomprehension, and the obstacles standing in their way to happiness through creative self-expression. The performers belong to completely different styles – classical ballet, contemporary dance, Krump, vogue, experimental hip-hop, and pole dance – and represent the new generation of Russian artists, free from preconceptions, clichés, and ready to be part of the dance revolution. The documentary format lenses real people in intimate settings; a behind-the-scenes routine of professional dancers considered improper for traditional dance documentaries.

Mikhail Kryuchkov / Classical ballet
Alena Bonchinche / Vogue
Alex Torgunakov / Contemporary
Kristy Experimental / Hip-Hop
Dmitry Politov / Pole Dance
Lady Whiphead / Krump

Ola Pankratova / Director and Producer
Anastasiya Alekseeva / Executive Producer
Evgeniy Subochev, Natalia Domoratskaya, Stephen Mao / Co-producer
Roman Palchenkov / Director of photography
Anton Cherenkov / Screenwriter
Andre Prilepsky / Composer/Music
Vadim Prudnikov / Sound editor