Николай Герман

Оператор, Россия, Москва

"The Swamps" - Visual Highlights / Dircut

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This video is compiled from the brightest and memorable moments that were mostly filmed separately by the second unit. All of these fragments were used in the credits and in visual inserts describing the inner state of the characters.

"The Swamps" - Tv Show, 2021. Faced with unsolvable problems, five young guys run away to a monastery near the semi-abandoned village of "SWAMPS". They perceive the trip as an adventure, a long-awaited freedom from worries and an opportunity to forget. However, the journey turns into a series of mysterious events that only bring closer what they were fleeing from and make them doubt the reality of what is happening...

Client - Yandex (Kinopoisk HD)
2-unit Director/DOP - Nick German
Main Group:
Director - Vladimir Mierzoev
Dop - Vasiliy Grigolunas
Produser - Vladimir Maslov