Анна Веселова

Режиссер, Россия, Москва

«Butchery» 2019, Кения

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FILMS, 2020

Кения насилие

Short film about violence in Africa.

The main character Halima lives in Kenya. This is a country of poor but happy people. It seems that there is no problems at all in this place, because people are positive about everything, and their sorrows are driven away.
The downside of this happiness is a high level of violence. In the minds of people, there is no difference between a prostitute and a rape victim. Law enforcement officers do not pursue rapists, believing that women themselves provoke men.
Halima lives in Mombasa, and her parents are muslims. Her life changes one night when she becomes a victim of violence.
How will Halima's family react to this? What will Halima say to a society that turns a blind eye to problems?

Directors: Anna Veselova and Peter Fadeev
DOP Alfred Marvanov

Cinemadamare Africa chapter 2019
Production took only 7 days from script to final movie.